New Featured Music: Ethel Cee's "Dirty Samples Ep"

"I am not even really a fan of female emcees like that!" That is the most common thing I hear people say, when talking about Ethel Cee.

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Welcome Back!

How yall doing? Feels like it has been a long while since I did something bloggy like this. I used to write these to my email list once a month. It was a little troubling that more than one person implied that my email blasts were better than my albums but... haha.. what can you do? Those people had lousy taste in music right? Owww.

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“Flowers is one of those records that is not simply heard, but is experienced. The melodious voices have a sort of haunting after effect, and the fact that all of this emotion is created in a half-hour EP is remarkable.”

— Sir Alistair,