Monday Hate by @Khal: Ep 3

I wanted to spread some hate to the side of blogging/writing that many journalists and blogger motherfuckers talk about, but heads who read twitter/blogs/forums/websites/etc. rarely give a fuck about: wack ass email forwards and press agents.

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Couple Words with: Reef the Lost Cauze

And the interview experiment continues. Yeah I know.. if you have read three of these you may notice I ask the same questions just about all the time. Whatever. Everyone answers them differently. Holla! Today we talk to dumhi family member and one of my favorite emcees doing it right now.. Reef the Lost Cauze.


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Monday Hate with Khal: Ep 2

Everyone hates. I do. I try not to. Sometimes. Othertimes I relish in the hate. Khal is a hater. He brags about it. And I mean.. I let him rant. He missed his deadline btw. And in turn, I forgot to post this for two


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Couple Words with: Ethel Cee

Ethel Cee. She is the ish. Why? For one..  she pees outside. Find out more here!

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Monday Hate with Khal: Ep 1

Dont front. Everyone hates. This is the first installment of Monday Hate with Khal. Khal is the man behind and well.. he basically runs the internet. He is also a dickhead. Hahaha... Find out what he is hating on after the jump...

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