How yall doing? Feels like it has been a long while since I did something bloggy like this. I used to write these to my email list once a month. It was a little troubling that more than one person implied that my email blasts were better than my albums but... haha.. what can you do? Those people had lousy taste in music right? Owww.

So yeah.. the new site, huh? I think its pretty spiffy. I am sure handful of yall remember my man Kevin Michael Jackson aka White Kev. He has a handle bar mustache and can build a super web site. He not only helped set this site up but also did all of the art work for the new Dumhi project ‘The Jungle’. I will be talking about ‘The Jungle’ a lot over the next few weeks. One thing at a time right?

We have a couple 'sections' on the site. Dumhi exclusives and albums can be streamed via the Music Store. Most of the music is available for purchase via both MP3 and CD formats there. Plenty of free downloads are available as well. The Merchandise tab takes you to the Dumhi store where you can see and purchase Dumhi gear like the new 'Stakes is Dumhi' t-shirt. Other specials and 'combo packages' are available in the store and we are expecting to add new items often. The other tabs are pretty self explanatory (hopefully!). Take a look around. There are some new videos, and we'll be adding more photos and concert dates and... music. Yes! Music!

Butr why spoil that now? This is just update #1.

Thank you for visiting the site. Bookmark it and come back. You'll have fun. I promise. Peace!



In Photo: Haj, Ethel Cee, Random

Photo by: Jimmy Giambrone.

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