03/11/2013- What's goooood? Something new every month on Dumhi.com continues. With the weather starting to turn around, I thought it was a good time to break out these Fela beats that I've been sitting on for a minute. These stem from a beat battle I was in this time last year. The trick was to create a handful of beats, out of a handful of Fela Kuti songs. One of the beats from this batch became Ethel Cee's "ONE FIFTY". Some of the others became target practice for the fellas. Some have just sat here waiting for Spring. 

This should not necessarily be considered a tribute to Fela per se. A fitting tribute to this man would require a much grander gesture. This was about two weeks of me appreciating his music, and then warping and slicing and chopping it into something a little different to rock out to in your car with the windows down. Having fun with music like we do, yahmean??

I posted up versions of "Gentleman" and "Classic" aka "Black Man's Sorrow" featuring exclusive verses from Side Effect, Random, Mc Pennywise, and Mr. Miranda. My friends TLynnFaz and Pecue lent their amazing art work to the project as well. And for good measure, also featuring the video for "ONE FIFTY" on the site this month. Full five song instrumental version coming in about a week.

And stay tuned to Dumhi.com this year. Planning on new music every month including a brand new Ep with Reef the Lost Cauze and a new and improved Dumhi.com monthly newsletter with music, news, and all the good info on your favorite Dumhi artists.

Get your Claratin up and enjoy the good weather.


Haj of Dumhi



Lyrics and Vocals by Side Effect, Random, MC Pennywise, and Mr. Miranda 

Produced by Haj of Dumhi 

Art and Design by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and @Pecue215 




ps. I finished second :\


Peace to Kush Shalimar, Dj Ambush, and everyone involved with Behind the Breaks.

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