What yall know about Nico the Beast?! Not as much as you are about to..


1. What do you hate more... rape or the pause game?

Rape by a landslide, because I have two daughters that I love dearly and if that ever happened to them I'd do life. (Pause...if life so happens to be a male)

2. Good answer. And good ‘pause’! Hahaha… best non-cheesesteak food that Philly OWNS?

Wow!! I'm a fat dude so I think Ima say Tastykake's. But I love scrapple and Philly soft pretzels are unbelievable as well!

3. That’s all we got is fat dude food yo! I love Philly. And advancements in heart saving technologies. Whats your favorite baseball team?

Boston Red Sox. Period!

4. I know. Just felt that was important to get out there…lol. Back to home. Whats going on in SP these days? Why is it the best place on earth?

I'm seein alotta unity within the Hip Hop scene in Philly and that's a great thing. It's definitely moving in the right direction!

I've always loved Philly because it's got a family atmosphere. Neighbors are 5 feet apart and as a kid I would often spend my nights wit all my friends on the corner or on my stoop just chillin. People take pride in this city! Hard nosed, hard workin, blue collar town. Get ya nails dirty, and provide for yours. It's a great place to build character and loyalty. And that's what I cherish most about my city. Real talk.

5. Yeah I dig it. Folks are crankin’ all through the city right now and seems like of support for one another and the music that is coming out of Philly. Along those lines.. if you could pick two emcees you would want to do an entire album with?

If it could be anybody, I'd like to do an album wit Eminem and Hov! Only because they my favorite rappers.

But, outta people I have created music with, I would love to do an album with Reef The Lost Cauze and Sic Osyrus. They two of my favorite emcees in the game.

6. Who is producing that?!

I'd like a team of Rhythm J., Vanderslice, and my brother Noochman. Holy shit that would be HEAT ROCKS gallore!! Haha!

7. Urrrmp. C’mon yo.. you were supposed to say ME! Lol. Whats next for Nico the Beast?

I'm working on the sequel to Dinner Is Served Vol.1 and it's called Dinner Is Served Vol.2 "Soul Food". That's already halfway finished. I'm also workin on a project called "The Beast & The East" and that's all heavy hittin features and production from the east coast! So if I can get Dumhi production on there I would greatly appreciate that! Haha!

Thanks big homie for the interview and opportunity! I appreciate it!


Check out the new album by Nico the Beast, 'The Beast' Within on Itunes, Amazon and digital retailers everywhere June 22, 2010.

Photo by: PerryLassin

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